Medical Surgical Nursing

Medical Surgical Nursing Department

Medical Surgical is a nursing speciality area to prepare with the highest level of competency to care for adults and children with medical and surgical conditions. It plays a fundamental role in patient care and is often referred to as the "backbone" of healthcare services. The faculty in the department trains the students to acquire knowledge related to wellness, health promotion, illness, nursing management of patient with various medical surgical disease condition, palliative and hospice care. The students are prepared to provide quality nursing care incorporating the principles of safety, communication, teamwork and collaboration and evidence-based practice to patients across life span with a positive attitude. There are several student-centric areas which include clinical practice, simulation corner, case-based learning, interdisciplinary education, Evidence based practice and self-directed learning etc. and approaches that are important for the effective development of nursing students knowledge and skills. It is one of the largest and most diverse nursing specialties, and medical-surgical nurses work in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and home care.


To achieve excellence with scientific knowledge, clinical skills, technical expertise, and innovative practices in Medical and Surgical Nursing.


1: Our department is committed to elevating the teaching and learning of Medical-Surgical Nursing with a globally benchmarked curriculum, while also equipping students to provide skilled, comprehensive patient care.
2: We empower our students to utilize evidence-based practices, engage in interdisciplinary collaboration, and develop strong leadership and administrative skills, preparing them to excel in the field of healthcare.


The Medical Surgical Nursing Department at Shindhutai Vikhe Patil college of Nursing is dedicated to providing a comprehensive education, fostering clinical competence, encouraging research and innovation, promoting community engagement, and developing leadership skills in our students, with the ultimate goal of preparing them to excel in the field of medical-surgical nursing and enhance patient care.


B.Sc. Nursing P.B.B.Sc. Nursing M. Sc. Nursing

Teaching Staff

Name of the staff Designation Qualification Joining Date Experience Staff Role
Dr.Balasaheb Laxman Ghule Principal M.Sc Nursing, Ph.D. Nursing (Medical Surgical Nursing) 01/06/2022 15 Yrs 5 M Teaching Staff
Mr.Amol Shivanath Sabale Associate Professor M.Sc Nursing (Medical Surgical Nursing) 01/12/2022 8 Yrs 9 M Teaching Staff