Center of Excellence

This Nursing institute was established as a Centre of Excellence for Nursing education in 2022 at the International & National level through quality approach, Professional development and Research. Sindhutai Vikhe Patil College of Nursing strives to provide the best Nursing education that combines the development of cognitive, affective as well as psychomotor domains of learning by adapting to recent technological advances. We prepare and mould the students to be not merely a caregiver, but also confident and highly resourceful persons who can proficiently handle the state-of-the-art equipment in the hospital. Endowed with the unique qualities of love, courage and mercy which are the hallmark of the nurse, our SVPCON Nurses are much in demand in today’s modern health care system. Nurses constitute the largest number of healthcare workers globally. Nursing profession is at a revolutionary phase in the country. The role they play in meeting societal demands for safe, evidence informed, quality care has started being recognized.

Nursing education makes a significant impact on health care delivery system and patient outcomes. It provides Certificate courses, Diploma, Master Degree and Doctorate Programme in Nursing education, thereby expanding horizon in scope of Nursing. There are not enough Nurses to meet the huge demand posed by the society. The Sindhutai Vikhe Patil College of Nursing prepares Graduate Nurses to meet diverse patient needs; function as leaders; embrace advance science that benefits patients and increase capacity of health professionals to deliver safe and quality patient care. At the same time, it aims to prepare Nursing Graduates to work collaboratively and effectively with other health professionals in a complex and evolving health care system in a variety of settings. We help Nursing students in smooth transition from their academic preparation to a range of practice environments, with an increased emphasis on Hospital, Community and Public health settings. By engaging in outreach activities, our students have been successfully excelling in providing exemplary services to the community which has been well acknowledged by various stakeholders. The learning opportunities in the college are ample, for every student, during their educational tenure. The students learn the team spirit; develop a studious, scholarly, research-oriented attitude, self-discipline and good habits. They are developed holistically throughout their educational period in a consistent manner, to deal on with any challenge in life. We help students to assume their roles in primary care, acute care, long-term care, and other settings, as well as specialty practices. I welcome all the students to this prestigious Institute and wish them all-round successful learning.

Dr. Balasaheb L. Ghule
Ph.D. Nursing, M.Sc. Nursing
(Medical Surgical Nursing), LLB.
Principal,Sindhutai Vikhe Patil College of Nursing